Blog Swag!

October 10, 2008

The excellent people at Capstone Press dropped me a line after coming across my raves about their Mighty Machines products. They wrote and asked if they could send Sonny a box of books. I thought seriously about this for an hour or two, weighing the pros and cons of such an offer, and then wrote back that OF COURSE YOU CAN SEND ME FREE STUFF. In fact, that’s a standing invitation for all of you.

The box arrived yesterday — eight books, including Sonny’s beloved Bulldozers. I guess we can return our copy to the library, along with our overdue fines of $3,985. They also sent a few animal books, apparently under the assumption that one day Sonny will be interested in something other than trucks. Sonny was transported with delight.

(I note that the last few times UPS has been here, it’s because they were delivering a gift for Sonny. He now LOVES the UPS truck. Of course, he did before, too. Because it’s a truck.)

A giant thank you to the entire Capstone family, and especially their publicity specialist Jennifer Glidden. I don’t know how much PR this is going to generate for you guys, but I’m not likely to forget your company anytime soon.


One Response to “Blog Swag!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hooray for Capstone Press!

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