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Just Couldn’t Stay Away

March 31, 2009

All right, darn it, I’m going to get this started again. I’m not going to blog every day, because I don’t want this to feel like a chore. But I also don’t want my kids’ childhoods to slip away from me. Some parents take a million photographs, or keep the videocamera glued to their hands at all times. I write. Or did. And now I will again.

So! Where to begin? Sonny and Peanut are both doing well. We just tweaked Sonny’s medication — the first two hours of his school day he was cranky and annoyed and throwing things. (“Not making good choices,” in the diplomatic parlance of the special ed industry.) Now he’s up to 5mg of methylin in the mornings and another 5mg at 11:00 or so. He’s taking risperdal as well (5mg divided up over the course of the day), as well as depakote syrup in the morning.

Speaking of risperdal, did you all see this? It’s another reason I’m sorry I walked away from this blog for so long. I missed my opportunity to curse out Dr. Joseph Biederman in a timely manner. What a putz. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this soon.

Anyway… what else has happened in the last couple of months? My kids are now playing video games. Specifically, Lego Star Wars. They are total addicts. Despite having never seen the movies (we’ve tried; they find them boring), my kids can name all the characters and whether they are good or bad. This past weekend, they bought plastic light sabers. I asked Sonny: Who uses a light saber? “Skywalker!” he cried. “And Darvader! Skywalker’s father!” Thus is the new generation converted to the Cult of Lucas.

Sonny has gotten surprisingly adept at knowing which buttons to press, although he sees the videogame as a playground where he can jump around and shoot things. This frustrates Peanut to no end. She wants to play the levels, solve the puzzles, defeat the bad guys. But, like a bad buddy movie,¬†she’s stuck with a partner who prefers to blow things up indiscriminately and then jump off cliffs because he likes the sound R2D2 makes when he’s falling to his death.

Her patience with Sonny is really quite amazing. She doesn’t demand that Sonny not play the videogame, and she doesn’t yell at him that he’s not playing right. She simply finds a way to have fun playing with her brother even though she’d rather be playing the game her own way. Her uncomplaining nature and her acceptance of her brother make me so proud of her I could pop.

We still haven’t had The Conversation where we spell out in detail what’s wrong with Sonny, but it’s clear she’s picking up much of it anyway. This past weekend at the playground down the block, a little girl Peanut knows from the school bus asked if Sonny was her brother or her friend. “He’s my brother,” Peanut said. “Sometimes he doesn’t talk right and sometimes he doesn’t make a lot of sense. But he’s trying his best.” With the matter thus settled, they all got busy on the slide.