August 10, 2009

Let’s see, did I use enough exclamation points? I think not!


That’s better. Friday was Sonny’s 9th birthday, and this weekend we went out to his grandparents’ house for the celebration. My mother turned it into a full-fledged family reunion. There were relatives there I haven’t seen in years, and one distant relation I had never met before in my life. A large kiddie pool was set up, and Sonny spent most of the day in his bathing suit, pouring water over his own head and running around with his cousins. (Or anyway, running around in the same yard as his cousins. There was not a great deal of interaction.)

He also ate about three thousand Cheetos, and I let him because a) it was his birthday party and b) even though he eats like a champ, he looks like a skeleton you’d buy for a teacher’s classroom, except with a thin sheen of skin over it to keep all the bones together. The boy is thin, is what I am saying. When I commented on this, my mother said, “He’s exactly like you were.” Oh, right, I guess I knew that.

Sonny has certainly learned the proper order of a birthday party, and got excited at all the right moments. He walked into the house just as his grandma was putting the candles in the cake, and yelled “YES! WOOHOO!” He was in near hysterical laughter as we all sang Happy Birthday to him, and needed a bit of help blowing out the candles. And the next morning he discovered the presents we never got around to opening at the party itself, and he entertained not a moment’s doubt as to who these colorfully wrapped boxes were for. He dragged them all downstairs and got cracking on opening them up. (The booty: Two new trucks, one of them remote-controlled; a board game where you have to stack things until they fall over; a coloring kit that will probably become Peanut’s; a shirt; a playground ball so large that we cannot figure out where to store it.)

It’s bound to be another challenging year. School starts again soon, and we are hoping for another burst of progress, because frankly we haven’t seen one in a little while — Sonny seems to be treading water, academically. We need to start thinking about fighting our school district to make sure Sonny gets into a middle school with the kids he knows. I still want to teach him how to ride a bicycle… and after a week at the Lose The Training Wheels program, Sonny now refuses to even get on the bicycle. But it was nice, so very nice, to put all that aside for a couple of days, and focus instead on what a charming, happy, adorable kid we’ve got. (I think we need a few more exclamation points to close this out: !!!!!!)


One Response to “Party!!!!”

  1. mom Says:

    It was my sincere and loving pleasure to put together that wonderful family day. Seeing the ones I love happy, especially Sonny, is a gift for me !!!!!!! Love you all

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